Remo Rossi, Property Developer & Commercial Boat Owner

Finchley Catholic High School

Finchley Catholic High School
Woodside Lane
London N12 8TA

t. 020 8445 0105

Finchley Catholic High School

About Remo Rossi

Born 1951, Remo went to an English grammar school, followed by studying science at university. He then went on to serve 11 years in the TA, during the Cold War. Remo became a boat master – this took him around the world on boat delivery work and fishing, During the time his children were young, he decided to make some money. So went into the property business by developing flats, which he continues to do. He also went into fish wholesale and became a fish merchant & Importer. In later years, he has been involved with farming, tree planting and alternative crops which have been his favourite and led to him owning an herb farm. Areas in which Remo feels strong about are Environmental Issues and how to resolve them. He has recently published a patent on tidal electricity generation and Owns and runs and Eco electric passenger Boat.

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