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About Mark Summers

Mark Summers trained as an performer before moving into Casting over 20 years ago. He knows the business inside and out and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s most creative individuals, from Marc Forster to David LaChappelle, Madonna to Metallica.
Mark has over 12,000 credits to his name.

His Director’s list includes: David Lachappelle, Joe Pykta, Alek Keshishian, Tony Kaye, Sam Bayer, Jon Favreau, Paul Hunter, Scott Hicks,  Anthony Hoffman, Michael Haussman, Matthew Rolston, Jesse Dylan, Sophie Muller, The Hughes Brothers, John Hillcoat, Jake Nava, Little X, Tim Pope, Jonathan Glazier, Wim Wenders, Tim Godsall, Anthony Manghella, Marc Caro, Ringan Ledwidge, Allen Coulter, Richard Curtis, Albert Watson Jim Sheridan, Joseph Khan, Jonas Renck, Jonas Akerland, Rankin, Chris Cunningham, Rupert Sanders, , Jason Reitman, Martin Campbell, Jesse Peretz, Kenny Ortega, Hughes brothers,  Nima Nourizadeh, Marc Forster, David Sims, Cynthia Wade & Alex Gibney

Mark’s dedication and skill has earned him love and respect from Directors, Producers, Choreographers and Performers, and numerous awards too. Mark has been nominated and won, the British Advertising Craft Award for Best Casting Director

Mark regularly passes on his knowledge and skills through his master classes and was also made a mentor and patron of the Royal Academy of Dance Community Outreach Programme, Step Into Dance. In 2010, Mark was honoured by Sir Paul McCartney at the world famous Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and made a ‘Friend of LIPA’, one of the highest honours ever bestowed by the University. He is a regular media commentator on casting, with regular columns in papers including The Stage and Campaign.

He has also hosted and appeared on many TV shows, including:

Move Like Michael Jackson BBC (UK)
Move Like Michael Jackson SBS6 (Benelux)
Britain’s Missing Top Model BBC
Bump and Grind Trouble TV
Make Me a Super Model UK (FIVE)

Pops Greatest Dance Crazes ( BBC3)
The Boss is Coming to Dinner C5
The Model Agent Ireland ( RTE)
Bust a Move UK (MTV Networks)
Bigger Than ….. (SKY)

Did you know…?

Mark Summers was The UK Casting Director on Michael Jackson’s “THIS IS IT” tour

Mark holds both American and British nationality

Mark is also a founding member of the CDA



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