Emma Richards, Founder of Cherub Chews

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Kingsley School

About Emma Richards

I made myself a few necklaces to match certain outfits (well I like to match) wearing them proudly at baby groups, when out with friends and even when at the supermarket. I was only taking it off to go to sleep. Suddenly  friends wanted me to make them one, then friends of friends, then their mothers, and before I knew it people were asking me where they could get one, something clicked maybe this was something I could do while still be able to be at home with my little man.

I started selling them locally and started to realise that people were really liking what was making. I was enjoying making them, and I could fit it around my little ones naps. So after making some ‘official’ prototypes for some local mums to try out there were few changes here and there Cherub Chews was officially launched in late 2013.

I spend my evenings thinking up new styles and my little boys naps trying out them out. By starting Cherub Chews I have made friends around the country and EU and love waking up to emails from happy customers with pictures of their little ones enjoying the necklaces, with little comments such as, ‘sending my friend over to get one today she saw mine and can’t wait to choose her own’  ‘my little boy was constantly pinching me when I fed him now he twiddles the necklace and I don’t have bruises, thank you Cherub Chews’

I love being able to be a full time mum and making necklaces when my son sleeps, I love my job(s) and love to see people enjoying my necklaces. Each day I sit at my dining room table, in the heart of the countryside in Devon with a bunch of beads and create my lovelies.

I hope to continually expand the business introducing new ideas colourways and items. I will continue to source all my supplies as locally as possible and they will always be handmade, the only problem I have coming up is my son not having quite so long naps.


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