Clive Pearson, Owner of Clovelly Charters & Clovelly Pottery

Kings Edwars Witley


King Edward’s Witley
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King Edward's Witley

About Clive Pearson


Born London, 6.6.47.    school, King Edwards School, Witley nr. Guildford 1959 -1965.  Bishop Otter teacher training college Chichester,1966  -1969. Pottey, art, English, games, woodwork teacher. Taught in secondary in Ludlow 1969  -1971 Clive gave up teaching, came to Cornwall looking to start a pottery, went to Clovelly , Mrs Mary Rous let him live in a tumbledown cottage 112 Wrinkleberry, for free!! for 2 years whilst he knocked it into shape, then £1.00 a week.Clive then started a pottery at Welcombe, next to the Smithy  1972, did well, then he sold that, opened Hartland Pottery in 1981, bought a boat, went chartering taking divers etc to Lundy, 1984.
He built A new boat The Jessica Hettie, finished in 1993, a bit bigger. He started to get more Divers , anglers ,and passengers, going to Lundy. Clive has now been skipper of the charter boat the “Jessica Hettie” for 33 years and offers visitors trips to and from Lundy Island, as well as charter trips for diving and fishing. From his boat you can also enjoy the unique and thrilling experience of swimming with seals in the sheltered waters of Lundy Island. Make your booking at the pottery (April to October), visit
  The pottery seems to have had a new lease of life, since he developed a particularly lovely blue glaze,  with help from an old potter friend John Harlow, who sadly he died a few months ago, but I will always be grateful for his generous help.
 Clive has usually done things from the heart not often from the head, not always a great idea, Love What you do, it seems much less effort, he even enjoy’s painting the boat, because that is his  passion.  He suggests to buy the best equipment you can afford, try to do a bit of good every day for somebody else, not even somebody you know.


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