Chantal Coady, Founder of Rococo Chocolates

Eliot Bank Primary School

Thorpewood Avenue
SE26 4BU
Tel: 020 8699 0586

Eliot Bank Primary School

About Chantal Coady

In 1983, a young woman dared to follow her dreams, to share with others her love for real chocolate. Determined to change the way fine chocolate was perceived and presented, Chantal Coady transformed the then stuffy, conservative, commercial norm of chocolate retailing to the inspiring engagement of the senses that such a delectable delight deserved.

Following on from a Saturday job in Harrods selling chocolate, Chantal passionately knew she wanted to create her own magical emporium of luxury chocolate and in 1983 managed to set up the first Rococo Chocolates shop at 321 Kings Road in Chelsea, near the famous Worlds End, and Rococo continues to trade from the same site.

With her college friends, Chantal painted cherubs and clouds on the Chelsea ceilings, inspired by Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ and hand-stippled the walls in a candyfloss pink that matched her then hair colour. The chandelier was created out of sugar, gilded mirrors and candelabras were mounted on the walls and the quirky, eccentric Rococo Chocolates style was born. Her eighteenth century-meets-punk style fitted into the rebellious vibe of the Kings Road and the imagination and sense of fun intoxicated chocolate lovers from all around. It has even been rumored that Chantal was an inspiration for Joanne Harris’ book ‘Chocolat!’


More than three decades, four shops and five books later (all about the joys of luxury chocolate of course) Chantal is still pioneering the movement for real chocolate. Chantal’s passions nowadays include visiting her Grococo factory farm in Grenada which is owned in partnership with the Grenada Chocolate Company and lecturing on the ethics and sustainability of chocolate growing. Her lifetime of dedication to the chocolate world was recognised in 2014 with the award of an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Impressively, this is the very first time a chocolatier has been recognised in this way.

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