Bobby Patel, Founder of Appy Food and Drinks

Claremont High School

Claremont Ave, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 0UH
Phone: 020 8204 4442

Claremont High School

About Bobby Patel

After eleven years of distributing other peoples products, I found it morally inexcusable that some of the brands we were selling did not meet the customers expectations due to the lack of benefits they provided. For this reason I felt it was time to change direction and start a more appetising project.

Two years ago I embarked on creating something new that ticked all the boxes other brands I worked with could not. I created juices as first product for rather selfish reasons as I really love them but I did not enjoy the guilt of drinking them due to the high sugars. This issue ran even deeper for me as my family suffers from diabetes and combating this became personal.

So with the help of the acquired know-how in distribution and thanks to my education in design, we created Appy Food and Drinks with the sole mission to make things better for people

Today Appy Food and Drinks sells in over 19 countries, all of them specifically targeted due to the desire of having healthier products available into their markets.

We plan on further brand extension into adult beverages and food lines but we will always keep the kids range as our priority to ensure the future is looked after. All the products in our fruit pipe have a common denominator: they are always naturally healthy and delicious!

I am Strong believer in People before Profit.


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