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It has been largely recognised that young people are taught from birth, right through their schooling years, to conform, to not break the rules and not show any competitiveness or drive to start making a living of their own.

Starting your own business and surviving requires an immense amount of skill, determination and going ‘off grid’.

But everything is standing in your way. From accountants, to lawyers, to insurance brokers, to bankers that try to confuse matters for you so they stay relevant and get paid.

Teachers and parents are on the side of not ever truly encouraging you to throw caution to the wind.

Finding the right balance is difficult.

Despite the rise in entrepreneurship, young people lighting the entrepreneurial flame of ignition in someone is often rare and seemingly impossible.

With 683,000 young people aged 16-24 years unemployed*, nothing is stopping them from launching their own business and flying high.

Many dream, few ever take action. The issue is that not enough are being urged to give it a go.

The psychological barriers – namely FEAR – can be torturous and arduous.

The light at the end of tunnel is the ability to BELIEVE.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, 100 top British entrepreneurs are going back to their original school to INSPIRE the next generation of budding entrepreneurs.

After speaking to children in their original class, they will record a short video inspiration – selfie style – on their smartphone, and upload it to the Entrepreneurs4Schools website to act as a lasting motivator for those who choose the path of entrepreneurship and self-actualisation.

* Figure correct to June-August 2015

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